Running update. I ran my first ever 10k race

Hi everyone.

We ran our first ever 10k race last weekend so I thought it was a good time for an update.

So we headed off for Sheffield last Sunday morning having only ran the full 10k once (which included a little walking as I had horrendous stomach ache that day) hoping that we would finish in around 1 hour 15 minutes. 
We managed to complete it in 1 hour 12 minutes and 13 seconds which we are both super proud of as there was some awful hills along the way. I think it definitely helps having lots of other people around you and we where always trying to keep the 1 hour 15 minute marker lady in our site throughout most of the run. We then decided closer to the end we could pass her and still feel like we could carry on running that pace so we did 🙂

Unfortunately i am going to have to have a few weeks off now as i am finally having my gallbladder removed on Tuesday (I will be doing a post on this once i have had it done) so i will be out of action for a little while. once i am all recovered i will be back to training as i want to get up to a half marathon for next May and I would also like to get in lots more 10k races before then if I can. I would also like to start going back to the park run on a Saturday morning and speed up my time on a shorter distance run.

Here is a picture of us at the end with our medals 🙂 I am very proud of my first ever medal and am hoping to add to it very soon!

I hope this motivates you to give training for a 10k or any running distance a go. If you have read my other posts you will know i started the couch to 10k running app from the start and it has been brilliant 🙂

my first running post

signing up for a race

Thank you for reading.

Hannah xx

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Couch to 10k Update.. I signed up for a race!

Hi everyone,

Its been a while now since I have done an update on my couch to 10k journey so I thought I would take some time to let you all know where I am at.

Due to the summer holidays and me and my running buddy having holidays most of the way through we have not made a lot of progress for the past few months but we have fitted in a 5k run here and there as much as we could.

Now the summer holidays are over we are back on plan and are currently on Week 10 day 1. This involves a 5 minute warm up walk, 3 x 15 minute runs with a 1 minute gap in between each run then a 5 minute cool down walk.

I think the race has given us the motivation to carry on pushing to get to 10k as we are now able to comfortably run 5k which is great seen as I had gone back down to not being able to run at all after having Oliver.

That is all there is to update you with right now, I will update you again in 4 weeks when I should be running 10k and getting ready for my first race!

If you are interested in the app we use, which is the Zen Labs Fitness app please click here to download from iTunes, or here for Google Play.

Have you ever used this app or a different program for running? I would love to hear about your fitness journeys.

Thank you for reading

Hannah x


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Couch to 10k training

Hi everyone,

I have not written a blog post for a while, sorry about this life just seemed to take over and have been busy with kids etc!

Well a few weeks ago (6 to be exact) i started the couch to 10k program using the free app on my phone. I didn’t really tell anyone about it at first as i have started this program loads of times but never got any further than week 2!

This time i just decided that enough is enough i have run out of excuses and it was time to get fit so instead of trying to start the program with someone else as i had done 2 times previously, i would just start doing it myself and stick to it. Well so far so good. I am currently on Week 7 day 2 which involves a 5 min warm up walk and then a 25min non stop run! 6 weeks ago i struggled doing 1 min run 2 min walking so to be able to run 25 mins non stop is great 🙂 by next week (week 8 day 3) i will be running a full 5k!

For most of the time it has been bearable, obviously it it hard work because i never did any exercise before but it is so rewarding finishing each session and posting it to my Facebook page to let everyone know how far i have come 🙂 I had a wobble at week 5 when my ankle and knee became painful so i had a week off to let the pain settle. I was really worried i would not be able to carry on running but once i started running again the pain has now gone. I read a couple of articles and watched some YouTube videos for tips on what to do and i think the pain was due to my body getting used to the new exercise regime!

I plan on signing up for my local park run which takes place every weekend. I would like to do this as many weekends as possible and as it is free and early in the morning i am sure i will be able to fit it in.

Well that’s it i think for this post 🙂 If anyone is thinking of starting one of these running programs i would determinately say give it a go, i really didst think i would be able to do it, i always used the excuse of “oh i just cant run” “my knees wont let me run” etc etc, which i now know is just rubbish 🙂

I have about 5-6 weeks left of training after i complete the 5k run to be able to run 10k but hope to carry on as i have been and run further and further every week 🙂

If you read this far well done as its a bit of a rambling blog post!

Thanks for reading

Hannah x