Long time no speak – April Picture Roundup

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Gallstones Update Two

Hi everyone,

It has been a few weeks since I updates you on my gallstones and what is going on so I thought I would update you now I have been for my appointment.

I had my appointment just over 2 weeks ago I was told to go to the fast track waiting area which frightened me a little as I was not aware I needed to be fast tracked and was worries about the results on my MRI scan. I was told that on my MRI scan they found a stone stuck in my bile duct and that this would have to be removed before I had my gallbladder removed. The consultant explained that I would have to have a procedure called an ERCP which involves a tube being put down my throat, my bile duct cut open and the stone removed and I will have to be sedated for this. He then filled in a form and ticked the urgent box! When I passed the form onto the sister she told me this should be done within 2 weeks of my appointment.


Well I left it 2 weeks and had not heard anything so I rang yesterday and I’m pretty sure I had been missed I was told after being passed around a little that I was at the top of the list so I would receive an appoitment soon.

Then around an hour after my phone call what do you know the endoscopy unit called with an appointment for me! My appointment is for next week and I have to arrive at 8am in the morning and will also have to stay overnight so they can keep an eye on me after my procedure. I also have to be nil by mouth from 12am the night before.

I am a little worried about this, mainly because I have to go by myself as hubby will have to do school run etc and also because I have to stay in overnight so I will be worrying about everyone at home and hoping they are all OK but I know it is important that I get myself sorted so I am well to look after everyone else 😀.

So that’s where I am at the moment, I will update you once I have had this procedure done and let you know how it goes!

Thank you for reading and wish me luck

Hannah xx

Cuddle Fairy

My 6 weeks postpartum update

Hi everyone,

I thought I would do an update on how I am getting on nearly 6 weeks after giving birth.

I had been feeling pretty good up until about 2 weeks ago, I had still been feeling very tired but what new mum doesn’t. My belly has gone down totally now and due to the fact I have not been very well (I will get into this more in a moment) it is almost nearly flat apart from some saggy skin which will probably be there forever! But after 3 children it is expected.

My postpartum bleeding only stopped the other day so that has taken 5 weeks to go which I think is a lot longer than the last 2 pregnancies but I have had to be more active alot quicker this time so that is probably why, I have not been getting as much rest as I probably need but all stopped now which is good.

About 2 weeks ago I developed pain in the middle of my abdomen just below my ribs. This is a pain I have been experiencing on and off for a few years and have had previous diagnosis of a hiatus hernia to then later be told I don’t have one. Well this pain got so bad I went up to A&E and ended up staying in hospital for 4 nights and have finally been given a proper diagnosis of gall stones following an ultrasound. I have been told that I will have to have my gall bladder removed and am awaiting an outpatient appointment through to discuss this.

Apart from that I have been doing good, I have been out of hospital a week now and am slowing getting back to eating normally (before I was admitted to hospital I hadn’t eaten properly for nearly 2 weeks hence the extra weight loss I mentioned earlier!)

I am hoping to get back to running next week but I will be using the couch to 5k app which I used last time and for the first few weeks it’s doesn’t really involve alot of running just fast walking so I think I will be OK with that.

Oliver has been letting me get about 5 hours sleep in a row which is good then another couple of hours after his feed as well so I am slowly getting more sleep which is really helping me keep going when I have the older 2 to deal with as well.

All is going good and it feels like Oliver has always been here 🙂

Thank you for reading

Hannah xx