Gallstones Update 4. Surgery Done

Hi everyone.

It has been a while since I have done a gallstones update as nothing has been happening and I have been sitting on the waiting list hoping I would get my operation date through as soon as possible.

Well I finally received a call 2 weeks ago asking if I could go in for my operation on 8th November. I jumped at the chance and was booked in for my pre op one week before I was due for my operation.

So my operation took place last week. I had a laprascopic cholecystectomy and this was done under the day surgery ward.

I arrived on the ward at 7:30am and was admitted, asked to put on a gown and paper knickers and sit in a recline chair to wait to be called for surgery. 

I was called for surgery at 9:20am so I didn’t have to wait for too long, which is good as I wasn’t allowed my phone. Luckily I had taken a book to read! The consultant and the anesthesiologist came to see me before I went down to sign consent forms etc.

I was back up on the reclining chair by 11:30am and all was done. The nurse said I would need to stay for 6 hours so this is what happened. I was in quite a bit of discomfort which was apparently due to the gas still in my body from surgery, I am still suffering from this now but it gets better every day. This was something I wasn’t told about before hand and I wish I had have been because it is really quite painful and the pain goes up into your shoulders so it can be a quite frightening pain if you are not expecting it.

After having a horrible tuna sandwich and a few cups of tea the consultant who performed the surgery came to see how I was getting on and then at 5pm I was able to be discharged. I was given dressings which I have been replacing every 48 hours and also told to make an appointment to have the clips taken out at my GP’s on Friday, which I have done.

Since then I have been getting better everyday I am still sitting up when.i go to sleep using lots of pillows to prop myself up with but I am getting lower down the more nights go by which is fab 🙂 I can’t sleep on my side yet though which I’m missing as that is how I usually sleep. 

I have 4 wounds from the surgery. 3 or which are fine and healing well but one is starting to go red and a little bit sore so I am not sure if this is getting infected! I shall be keeping a close eye on it!!! 

This is a picture of how my wounds where looking 4 days after surgery.

Laughing and coughing are so painful which is not fun and for the first 4 days I was walking hunched right over but I am standing up straighter every day.

I will do another update next week when I have had my clips out and let you all know how I am getting on.

I am just so glad that nasty gallbladder has now gone!

Thank you for reading and watching if you did.

Hannah xx