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Maternity Leave. My Regrets

I have just realised I only have 6 weeks left of maternity leave and it has made me realise i feel I have totally wasted the time I have had off work!

I had all these plans to go to baby groups such as baby massage, swimming and music bugs and I have done nothing. We tried out baby massage and he didn’t seem that keen to be honest but the others i haven’t even given them a try.

I am determined to make these last 6 weeks count and to also make the 2 days I will have with him a week count! I have found a music bugs session and a swimming session that we can attend so I will be booking onto these and i just also want to get out for walks with him more and play with him more (this goes for my big 2 as well, after school and at weekends) 
I am also so worried about going back to work and taking Oliver to nursery. When I went back to work after Freddie my mum had him for 2 days and Gareth for the other day so I had no worries and I also went back to doing the same job I left. 

With Isla I had no choice but to put them both in nursery and again I went back to the same job but this time I just don’t want to go back. 

This is the first time I have thought I want to be a stay at home mum but it just can’t happen due to our finances which I am so sad about. I have never felt like this before, i have looked forward to returning to work and having adult interaction.

I dont know if it’s the fact that Oliver may well be the last or that I am going back to a different job but over the last week I have felt more and more sad about him going to nursery while I’m at work 3 days a week but unfortunately for now it has to be done.

Im sorry for another post like this but I feel better getting my thought down on my blog!
Has anyone else felt like this about returning to work? How did you deal with it?

Thank you for reading

Hannah x

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Am I Socially Awkward?

So I think I am totally socially awkward… I hate being in new situations and whenever I meet someone for the first time I never know what to say. I can’t start conversations with people i don’t know and I always forget to ask people about themselves and just end up telling people about me or always coming back to stuff about me as i know how to talk about that! I know that I come across rude being like this but I don’t know how to change…
At work I seem to get away with it a little better. I can sort people out and deal with what they need but again ask me to start a conversation with a customer about anything other than work and I just can’t do it.

When I have left the people I have been talking to i always fret for hours after about how I only talked about me etc etc even though the other person probably hasn’t given me a second thought.

I have felt this way for years so I thought i would get it out there any see it anyone has any advise to help with this?

When I have known people for a while and see them quite regularly then I am absolutely fine.

Because of all this I am currently thinking I won’t be able to ever attend any blogging events which is really sad as I would love to learn new things and meet bloggers too!

If you have read this far thank you for reading my random ramblings and I’m sure my next post will be more positive

Hannah xx

I wasn’t sure of what picture to use for this post so i thought i would throw in one that I have taken today while at my mums.

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Our Families Favorite Books

We read most nights in our house so i thought i would put together a blog post on our families favorite books to read.

A number of our favorite books have been delivered to us by Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library . This is a free service that is available in our local area and we receive a book every month until each child turns 5. Freddie no longer receives them but Oliver and Isla do and they get excited when a new book drops through the letter box. To check if this service is available in your area enter your postcode into the website.

Here are a few of the books we have received.

Anyway back to our current family favorites.

We have quite a few Sue Hendra books and love all of them but most of them seen to have found their way to nana’s house. We have No Bot, Keith the Cat with the Magic Hat, Barry the Fish with Fingers to name a few. Her books are amazing, the kids love them and find them all funny. i would definitely recommend giving some a go if you haven’t read any before (if you haven’t you need to go and buy one now!)

The Tiger Who Came to Tea is a book that all households should own. I remember it from when i was younger and I don’t even have to read the words now we have read it so many times. 

I love Stick Man and again know all the words without having to look at them and the kids know a lot of the words as well. We also really enjoyed the TV programme that came out over Christmas last year.

Who else had the Hairy Maclary book when they where younger? There is now a whole set of them and they are fab. 

As Freddie is now able to read simple books we picked him up some Lego phonics books for Christmas last year. They came in a pack of 10 and also included 2 workbooks. They are easy for him to read and as he loves Lego it keeps him interested in reading.

Zoe and Beans is also another great series of books. We have a larger book which I read and then the smaller one Freddie can read as it has alot less words in. 

Finally we have ALOT of pirate books in our house. These are just a few of them! My Granny is a Pirate has to be my favourite by far! 

These are just a very small collection of our books that we love to read. I would love to know what you read to your children and also any recommendations for new books we should try.

Thank you for reading.

Hannah x

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Q&A with my 4 year old Daughter & My 6 year old Son

Hi again everyone! I decided as my 2 bigger babies have just had their birthday’s and are now 4 and 6, that I would do a fun little Q&A with both of them. I looked around the Internet and found … Continue reading

Lego….a love hate relationship

Lego…. This strikes so much joy into my now 6 year old son’s heart but to me it just means 1. Spending lots of money buying it, 2. spending hours and hours helping him build it ( I spent a good 3 hours on this pirate ship today!!) 3. Standing on it ALL the time and 4. Dealing with the melt down when I accidently hoover bits up or a vital part goes missing!


Don’t get me wrong I am so glad my son is into Lego as it gives him hours of enjoyment everyday and stops him from watching TV or his tablet too much but the guys on YouTube who have the amazing storage drawers with each separate piece of lego sorted by colour and shape have a lot to answer for, as now my son wants the same! I have no problem with buying him the drawers but my God can you imagine how long its going to take to sort it all out…… Hum!

At the moment we have one of those drawer string bags that is make from parachute type material which just gets filled up after play and then shoved in the corner of the front room ready for the next days this works fine for me but no he needs it all organising! Again thanks you all on YouTube who have it all organised for providing him with the inspiration for this!

Another problem I find with my son and his Lego is that is when he has made a model he wants to keep that separate from the bag so this gets left on the dining table or on the floor and it just get a little out of hand sometimes!

Here is a Minecraft model we made yesterday that now can’t go away in the bag.


Since this Minecraft model (which I had to make yesterday on his birthday before breakfast) I have made another 2 minecraft models and have another to make woop!

Usually if they are smaller models he will make them himself but with the larger more complicated ones he likes help and his father has a “bad back” so cannot sit making for very long “”””!  So it always ends up being me.

Anyway that’s my little Lego rant I could carry on for ages but I will stop boring you all now with my babble!

Does anyone else have the same joys with Lego as me? Would love to hear your stories and tips for storage too

Speak soon.

Hannah xx


Feeling guilty……. Part One

Recently I have been feeling very guilty about the fact that I do not spend enough time doing fun things with my children, there are lots of other things I feel guilty about as well but let’s focus on one thing at a time!

I write this post from the bath whilst my 3 are downstairs with daddy playing Lego and watching Peppa Pig, OK I need to take me time when I can get it but I feel I should be downstairs playing with them instead! The problem is they play so well together or on their own so I find myself just relying on that and getting on with other things, such as cleaning or blogging while they are occupied.

I have decided that as I turned 30 a couple of weeks ago, that now im in my 30th year all the things I feel guilty about I am going to put right, why sit feeling guilty about something when it can easily be sorted by changing my attitude?!

So I am going to spend more time with the children! Firstly I am going to start by having my phone in a different room and not go on it for social media when the kids are around. I am also going to spend time individually with each of them whenever I can, whether that is sitting for an hour playing lego with Freddie or drawing with Isla or going to have fun at the park after school all together. I never get any time alone with Freddie anymore and I would love to take him out just me and him every now and again, this goes for Isla Aswell. Me and Oliver get 3 days a week together at the moment but again I find myself already going off to clean etc when I could be playing with him!

Secondly I just need to enjoy my babies more. They are my world but I feel like I spend most of the time shouting at them to hurry up for school or hurry up for bedtime. I need to just chill out a little bit (well alot actually if I’m being honest!) and hopefully this will make me and my children happier and there will be less stress in the house :).


So this is my first feeling guilty post. It feels good getting it out but now I need to actually implement these things and stop feeling so guilty…


Thank you for reading, I will be back with another installment of feeling guilty very soon!

Hannah xx

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