Diy rhinestone encrusted shoes

Isla was in desperate need of some new shoes to go with her minnie mouse costume that she was going to be wearing for Children in Need Spotacular at school so I decided to take to eBay and have a look what I could find. I came across some sparkly pink converse for around £5 that had a few marks on the toe and decided that as I had some rhinestones in my craft supplies I would attempt to bling them up for her! 

So the shoes arrived yesterday and they are so Isla and adding rhinestones to them made them even more Isla!! 

Here is the finished product and the items you will need if you would like to give it a go yourself!

The pattern was a bit of an accident really as I started off with pink and realised I didn’t have enough but she absolutely loves them so I’m happy :).
You can order rhinestones from eBay they come in an array of sizes and colours but the best glue to use in E600 which I also purchased off ebay. This small tube was only a few pounds. I already had this pencil in my craft supplies from when i used to make rhinestone clothing like this (this was Islas first ever Halloween costume all handmade by me).

The pencil is kind of sticky so it picks up the rhinestone with ease to make adding them to your project super quick, again I purchased these from ebay (apparently their official name is a rhinestone picker pencil!) 

The best way to apply the rhinestones is to add a small amount of the E600 glue (only do a small area as a time as it dries  very quickly) then lay out rhinestones on a flat surface facing up and use the pencil to add a rhinestone at a time.

All in a pretty easy and cheap diy project and rhinestones can be added to any shoe and basically any item I guess! 

I am also thinking or adding some pink laces or ribbon to them to make them even prettier as the current laces are a little grubby.

If you give this project a go please let me know. I would love to see your pictures 🙂

Thank you reading

Hannah xx

A Cornish Mum

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21 thoughts on “Diy rhinestone encrusted shoes

  1. My sister had a little business going a few years ago, where she did this on white Converse boots for bridesmaids! They were absolutely gorgeous and a great alternative to ballet pumps! Alison x #FamilyFun

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  2. This is a brilliant idea for little girls who love a bit of sparkle!! I love eBay for buying crafts it’s often really cheap too! Glad Isla liked them! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun


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