Oliver’s 9 Month Update

Hi Everyone,

Somehow Oliver is now well into being 9 months, so i thought i best update you all. I cannot believe how quick the time is going! he will be 1 before we know it.

If you would like to find out how Oliver is doing please check out my video over on my channel.

Thank you for reading/watching

Hannah xx


Cuddle Fairy


9 thoughts on “Oliver’s 9 Month Update

  1. What a lovely update – he is SUPER cute!! My little boy is almost 1 and is slowly coming out of the separation anxiety- I can understand your frustration with that. I am also super jealous that he sleeps through haha, that happens very rarely here!! #FamilyFun


    • I know i have been a bit lucky with sleep with all 3 of them (saying that I can hear my biggest going through his Lego box right now upstairs when he should be asleep Lol) xx


  2. Ahh happy 9 months little man. What a cutie you are. It is scary how quick it passes I can’t believe my eldest is two already! ARGH. Thank you for sharing with us at #familyfun xx


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