Maternity Leave. My Regrets

I have just realised I only have 6 weeks left of maternity leave and it has made me realise i feel I have totally wasted the time I have had off work!

I had all these plans to go to baby groups such as baby massage, swimming and music bugs and I have done nothing. We tried out baby massage and he didn’t seem that keen to be honest but the others i haven’t even given them a try.

I am determined to make these last 6 weeks count and to also make the 2 days I will have with him a week count! I have found a music bugs session and a swimming session that we can attend so I will be booking onto these and i just also want to get out for walks with him more and play with him more (this goes for my big 2 as well, after school and at weekends) 
I am also so worried about going back to work and taking Oliver to nursery. When I went back to work after Freddie my mum had him for 2 days and Gareth for the other day so I had no worries and I also went back to doing the same job I left. 

With Isla I had no choice but to put them both in nursery and again I went back to the same job but this time I just don’t want to go back. 

This is the first time I have thought I want to be a stay at home mum but it just can’t happen due to our finances which I am so sad about. I have never felt like this before, i have looked forward to returning to work and having adult interaction.

I dont know if it’s the fact that Oliver may well be the last or that I am going back to a different job but over the last week I have felt more and more sad about him going to nursery while I’m at work 3 days a week but unfortunately for now it has to be done.

Im sorry for another post like this but I feel better getting my thought down on my blog!
Has anyone else felt like this about returning to work? How did you deal with it?

Thank you for reading

Hannah x

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10 thoughts on “Maternity Leave. My Regrets

  1. It is difficult leaving your children to someone else while you work. I was lucky I had a lovely daycare who used to send me photos of my little boy playing and laughing and that made it easier. I also made plans for the weekends so that we had things to do when we were together and the children used to look forward to them so much. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink


  2. I totally know how you feel. Maternity leave is like a big warm fluffy cocoon and he idea of leaving is so daunting isn’t it? I dreaded it both times, but actually once I was back it felt like I’d never been away and I actually enjoyed a bit of time to be a grown up. Good luck – hope it goes well for you. Thanks for linking up with #fartglitter xx


  3. Gah, going back to work absolutely sucks. I found it really hard after my mat leave with Zach. I’m now at the start of my second maternity leave and I do not want to go back ever! Ok I have to, but am praying it’s in a part time capacity rather than full time. I can imagine it’s hard to find the time to do those classes when there’s more than one child. Zach will still be in nursery two days a week so I’m going to use one of those days to take baby to baby sensory like I did with Zach. Enjoy every moment of the remainder of your leave. Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


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