Am I Socially Awkward?

So I think I am totally socially awkward… I hate being in new situations and whenever I meet someone for the first time I never know what to say. I can’t start conversations with people i don’t know and I always forget to ask people about themselves and just end up telling people about me or always coming back to stuff about me as i know how to talk about that! I know that I come across rude being like this but I don’t know how to change…
At work I seem to get away with it a little better. I can sort people out and deal with what they need but again ask me to start a conversation with a customer about anything other than work and I just can’t do it.

When I have left the people I have been talking to i always fret for hours after about how I only talked about me etc etc even though the other person probably hasn’t given me a second thought.

I have felt this way for years so I thought i would get it out there any see it anyone has any advise to help with this?

When I have known people for a while and see them quite regularly then I am absolutely fine.

Because of all this I am currently thinking I won’t be able to ever attend any blogging events which is really sad as I would love to learn new things and meet bloggers too!

If you have read this far thank you for reading my random ramblings and I’m sure my next post will be more positive

Hannah xx

I wasn’t sure of what picture to use for this post so i thought i would throw in one that I have taken today while at my mums.

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14 thoughts on “Am I Socially Awkward?

  1. It sounds like you have mild social anxiety. That’s pretty common. The fact that you are aware of it, I would say will make it easier to overcome (not that I’m a dr or anything so totally ignore anything I say). All I can advise is that once you talk about yourself (to be comfortable) then pause and ask about them. That’s it. Easy!


  2. Hi Hannah ! I don’t really have much advice except to say I am much the same . What I will say is that whilst you might be worrying about this , other people aren’t thinking about you and how you interacted with them – I don’t mean that in a bad way. Your conversation was probably totally normal and they go off on their merry way – you should too! Don’t dwell on it and don’t beat yourself up about what you did and did not say #kcacols


  3. I am the opposite – you can’t shut me up! It’s intersting to read this though as I think my daughter feels like you and I’d certainly say my ex (her dad) is like this too. You could try pre-empting an awkward situation though; I encourage my daughter to think ahead about people she might meet that day and have a think about what she knows about them and build on that. ie. you know they’ve been away on holiday recently so ask them how that went. Or try and think about anything that might have happened to them that day or week and ask about that. Hope that helps! :/ #KCACOLS


  4. I am the same. I recently got over a huge fear of mine by taking my baby to baby sensory classes. The thought of being around new mums and trying to strike up conversations scared the hell out of me, but I knew I had to go for my daughter. I’m so glad I did now as she loves it! The clases are teacher led unlike other places that you just turn up so I don’t have to talk as much to the others if I don’t want to.

    A lovely honest post xx

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday


  5. How refreshingly honest. I think I’m a bit like this too but through my job I’ve learned how to do the small talk. I’m a midwife so usually have to spend hours chatting to people I don’t know. The main tip I have is just ask people about themselves as people love talking about themselves. Have a list of questions and eventually they’ll just come naturally. Some basic questions are – where are you from? What do you work at? Where do you get your hair done? Do you have any hobbies? (Sounds like a first date 😂) Most of these lead on to more conversation naturally. Also stuff in the news so the Olympics would be a big one now. With other mums I find it’s even easier because you just ask about their children! #KCACOLS


  6. Thank you. I will give your suggestions a try. That’s another problem I don’t watch the news at all (I know that’s really bad!) I definitely agree it is so much easier speaking to mums!! x


  7. Oh Hannah, I think you are beating yourself up and being hard on yourself. I also find it hard to do the small talk thing, I just don’t really see the point. I make myself do it though. I set myself targets around speaking to people. I make myself speak at meetings at work. I go to as many of the social events that I can and I fake it. Fake it to make it really can work (with a bit of wine to help me along the way…not of work of course though). Pen x #KCACOLS


  8. I always find it reassuring to know that ‘people spend a lot less time thinking about you than you expect them too’. I always used to feel like that when I was younger but I have to say it disappears with the years! You are generally always on to a winner when you ask people about themselves and/or their children. #KCACOLS


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