Revitalise a tired looking sofa 

So my sofa has been looking really really awful for a while now the back cushions where so limp they bent in half when you sat down.

I had been thinking I would need to take my cushions into a professional upholstery shop to be sorted but then today when I was washing the covers I realised that the cushions are just stuffed with hollowfibre filling so why didn’t I just buy some and restuff them?! 

Here is the picture of a cushion as it was (there are 2 cushions in each cover) I have pushed all the remaining stuffing to one side and you can see how much I need to add.

I had loads of stuffing left so I decided to stuff all the scatter cushions Aswell as they where also very flat.



The stuffing that I used was from Dunelm and was £7.99 for a 1kg bag. I purchased 2 bags and I still have over half a bag left which I will save if I need to restuff again or I could use it for a crafty project one day maybe!?

So here is the finished sofa and I am so so pleased with it. Im sorry that I don’t have a start picture of it but I didn’t decide to do it until the covers where already off and in the washing machine. The arms of the sofa look a little grotty as I cannot remove them but I am going to give them a wash tomorroq which will hopefully help.

If your sofa is looking a little worse for wear I would definitely recommend giving this a go before you give up on it.

I hope this helps some sofas out before you get rid of them!

Thank you for reading

Hannah x


4 thoughts on “Revitalise a tired looking sofa 

  1. What a difference it made! I have same problems with my cushions too, they gradually become flat and less fluffy. Thanks for sharing your ideas… I think I’ll give it a try. #TwinklyTuesday


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