4 months postpartum update

Hi everyone,

Oliver is now 4 1/2 months old (actually nearly 5 months old!) and he is doing great. He has 1 tooth through now and 2 more on the way. He hasn’t been too bothered with them apart from being very drooly so we are getting through lots of l bibs at the minute.


He is so close to rolling over, he gets halfway and then rolls back over but I don’t think he will be long before he is over fully πŸ™‚

We are now weaning and he is totally loving it. He has 3 meals a day which consists of porridge in the morning and then fruity pots or powdered meals, 1 of his favourite ones is the Heinz broccoli and cauliflower cheese.

Oliver sleeps all night and has done for a good while now. He has a bottle and his tea at about 5-5:30 then he goes through till around 7-8 depending on how loud the other 2 are in the morning!

As for me I am doing good, Ollie is bottle fed so no problems with boobs apart from the fact they are now pretty much non existent which I am really not happy about and it is getting me down but there is really not alot I can do about it. I am currently on the hunt for a good fitting bra to boost my boobs and my spirits! If anyone has any recommendations please let me know.

Health wise apart from my gallstones everything is good with me. I am now on the waiting list to have my gallbladder removed which is good but also scary at the same time.

I have now been back to running for a couple of weeks now and am loving it and I also now have a runny buddy which I am really enjoying as going out alone can be boring when you like to talk alot like me!

I think that is everything for this update. I have also uploaded a video to my YouTube channel which you can find here if you would like to take a look on YouTube and I have also added it below.

Thank you for reading and I will talk to you soon. I am now hoping to post alot more regularly and have 4 posts going up every week so please keep an eye out for those. 2 of them will be uploaded when youtube videos are uploaded and the other 2 will just be blog posts, I am just trying to figure out the best times and days for me to upload that work well around my family life as well.

If you haven’t already please follow me on Twitter and Instagram and I have also just set up a Facebook page too and I would love to see you over there πŸ™‚

Speak to you all soon

Hannah xx

This Mum's Life

5 thoughts on “4 months postpartum update

  1. Aww lovely post. Sounds like your both doing really well, and the rolling will happen (if it hasn’t already!) I remember rocking her legs while she was on her back, side to side, whilst holding onto her feet and everyday she got better at rolling after this! good luck and gorgeous bubba x #bigpinklink


  2. Awww, what a cutie!! I’m glad you’re both doing so well! And he is a brilliant sleeper, I wish mine would sleep till 7 or 8!! I would consider that a miracle if that actually happened!! My boobs are weirdly bigger than before I had children, but it’s my stomach that depresses me… Maybe we could get a surgeon to give us free boob job and tummy tuck in exchange for a review…!! That’d cheer us up!! Thanks for linking to #bigpinklink


    • That would be a great idea hehe! I got measures yesterday and have gone up a back size and down 2 cup sizes boo!! After 3 children my belly is very wrinkly 😦 not sure if it will ever tighter up! Xx


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