June is going to be my month… well maybe!

Hi everyone,

I posted a video on my channel a few months ago about all the things I wanted to change now that I am 30.. well in all honesty none of these things have happened! I am determined to do better in June starting with my health and fitness. If you would like to see this  please click here or watch below:

IMG_1148This picture I took just before I found I was pregnant with Oliver and I would love to get back to this. I was running just shy of 10k and felt fab so this another reason why June IS going to be the month I start working my way towards looking this again (except with shorter hair hehe!)

I will do a separate post on my running and how I am getting on every week but basically I shall be using couch to 10k app by Zen Labs , it is the same app I used before and I loved it, I will be going out 3 times a week starting from tomorrow.

I am also going to be following Lucy Wyndham-Read Tone Every Zone plan that she is running on her channel throughout June.

I figure that if I get my health and fitness right this will in turn get me in a better mood which will get me to stop being grumpy with the kids and so on :)….

So this is what I am going to be focussing on in June. I will then focus on a different area in July (probably my finances as they are a total mess) and keep adding everything on I would like to change each month. I’m hoping that giving myself a full month focusing on each new thing, it will just become habit for me.

So that is it,  I will do an update every week on a Tuesday letting you know how I am getting on with the runs and Lucy’s workouts.

Thank you for reading and wish me luck!

Hannah xx




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