Lego….a love hate relationship

Lego…. This strikes so much joy into my now 6 year old son’s heart but to me it just means 1. Spending lots of money buying it, 2. spending hours and hours helping him build it ( I spent a good 3 hours on this pirate ship today!!) 3. Standing on it ALL the time and 4. Dealing with the melt down when I accidently hoover bits up or a vital part goes missing!


Don’t get me wrong I am so glad my son is into Lego as it gives him hours of enjoyment everyday and stops him from watching TV or his tablet too much but the guys on YouTube who have the amazing storage drawers with each separate piece of lego sorted by colour and shape have a lot to answer for, as now my son wants the same! I have no problem with buying him the drawers but my God can you imagine how long its going to take to sort it all out…… Hum!

At the moment we have one of those drawer string bags that is make from parachute type material which just gets filled up after play and then shoved in the corner of the front room ready for the next days this works fine for me but no he needs it all organising! Again thanks you all on YouTube who have it all organised for providing him with the inspiration for this!

Another problem I find with my son and his Lego is that is when he has made a model he wants to keep that separate from the bag so this gets left on the dining table or on the floor and it just get a little out of hand sometimes!

Here is a Minecraft model we made yesterday that now can’t go away in the bag.


Since this Minecraft model (which I had to make yesterday on his birthday before breakfast) I have made another 2 minecraft models and have another to make woop!

Usually if they are smaller models he will make them himself but with the larger more complicated ones he likes help and his father has a “bad back” so cannot sit making for very long “”””!  So it always ends up being me.

Anyway that’s my little Lego rant I could carry on for ages but I will stop boring you all now with my babble!

Does anyone else have the same joys with Lego as me? Would love to hear your stories and tips for storage too

Speak soon.

Hannah xx


4 thoughts on “Lego….a love hate relationship

  1. A mum I know told me she superglues each piece as she builds?! Worth a try?! The model sets are so expensive it’s criminal to let them become as box of bricks?!
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub


    • Oh no he would not be happy if I did that he likes to take it all apart and remake
      I know what you mean though £60 police station from Christmas is now just In the Lego bag!!! Xx


  2. Yes , the exact same as you! Like you I am happy it’s something he’s interested in but I am so fed up of picking it up. Also , often times he’s not interested in building the set , he just wants the legoman from it or one particular piece . So now we just have one giant box of Lego. Once made and dismantled they can never be remade in this house !


    • I have started buying single minifigures from Ebay. It works our cheaper and he tends to get them when he has si many stars on his star chart 🙂 xx

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