Gallstones Update Three

Hi everyone,

So yesterday I went into hospital at 8am in the morning. I was taken for my ERCP at around 10am in the xray department.

I was given Buscopan, pain killer and sedation via an IV and they got going straight away. From what I had read and been told I thought I would be drowsy and not really feel things etc but no I guess the sedation didn’t work on me as I felt and remember everything.

Luckily I had had the camera before so I knew what that felt like but I didn’t enjoy the feeling of the ferating about in my bile duct area to be honest!!

After having this done it turned out no stones where found in my bile duct so I’m assuming I passed them or they moved back out? I am not to sure how this all works.

I went back to the ward and had to be nil by mouth for 4 hours after the procedure
Around 2 hours after I started to develop pain in the middle of my abdomen just under my ribs, this I assume was because they had been in there and aggravated everything but I wasn’t feeling too good for around an hour. They took my obs and everything was OK that side and they gave me some IV paracetamol which took the pain away thank goodness!

I then had a sandwich and a drink which all seemed to go down fine and I was then allowed to go home at around 5:30pm. When I got home I just had a small sandwich and a cup of tea and went to bed around 10:30pm.

At around 1:30am I woke up with the same pain so had to come downstairs and take more pain killers ans I sat down there for a good hour until the pain subsided and then I went back to bed.

Today I have been feeling pain on and off. I called my GP and he didn’t seem concerned about the pain and prescribed me some stronger pain killers and also some Buscopan which really helped when I was just out of hospital from having pancreatisis.

I now have to wait for another outpatients appointment to come through and then I should hopefully be put on the waiting list for having my gallbladder removed.

I am still in a little bit of pain but am hoping I get a better nights sleep tonight.

Thank you for reading, I’m sure I’ll be back with another update soon.

Hannah xx

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16 thoughts on “Gallstones Update Three

    • thank you I am on the waiting list now have been since beginning of June. They kept saying I had a hiatus hernia to start with but when I ended up in hospital a few weeks after having Oliver they discovered them after an ultrasound. thank you xx

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  1. I don’t like the sound of feeling and remembering everything :/ sounds like you did really well with it though. Here’s hoping you don’t have too long to wait before you have your next procedure.


  2. My friend recently had her gall bladder removed after years of trouble with it and she is like a different person now! She had so many episodes of agonizing pain and now it’s all gone she feels amazing. Thanks for joining us at the #bigpinklink


  3. Oh honey this sounds horrible, I’m so sorry you’ve had such a horrible time of it. I’ve got everything crossed that things improve soon and I hope you’re being well looked after xx #KCACOLS


  4. Oh I really feel for you. I had my gallbladder out in 2008 after having the most awful year. I can honestly say that gallstones are the worst pain I have ever had, including two labours! I reallyhope you get your procedure soon and get some relief. Thanks so much for linking up with #KCACOLS. We hope you come back again next week.


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