Our 3 month update

Hi everyone,

Oliver is now 3 months old and he is doing brilliantly. He is starting to get his first 2 teeth now and he weighs 17pd 10 1/2oz.

The health visitor visited us on Friday and gave us information on weaning and also weighed him and that is it now for visits until he is around 10 months old

He has now had 2 lots of injections and has 1 more set in around 2 weeks time. He has been fine with these and I haven’t noticed any side affects after them.

Oliver is still bottle fed and he eats 6oz every 2_3 hours. This depends on what we are doing as he eats alot more when we are at home than of we are out and about shopping etc.

He is now sleeping all night and for the last 2 nights he has moved into his brothers bedroom and has been doing great. We tend to put him to bed about 8:30-9:00pm and he will then usually settle himself and wake around 7:00-730 usually. I have also started to put him in his cot for naps in the daytime as well and this has also been going really well. He will usually have 1 long nap around 2-3 hours in his cot if we are at home and settle himself to sleep if he is awake when I put his down.

As for me I am doing well. Well post pregnancy wise anyway. You may have read about my gallstone issues but that is another blog post for another day! 😳

My boobs dried up fine and I didn’t have too much discomfort and my period reappeared last week but wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

I have lost all of my baby weight but I think this is mainly down to not eating hardly a thing for around 3 weeks due to gallstones! I want to get back into running which I keep saying but haven’t got back to it yet and want to get back up to 10k as soon as I can.

I have also posted a video on my YouTube channel if you would like to take a look 😃https://youtu.be/7qECCHeSHsA

Thank you for reading and here is a picture of my gorgeous little man at 3 months old.


Speak to you in my next blog!

Hannah xx

Cuddle Fairy
Pink Pear Bear

5 thoughts on “Our 3 month update

  1. What an absolute cutie!! Good job on the sleeping through, and the long naps in the cot during the day, he really sounds quite angelic!! I’m incredibly envious that you’ve lost your baby weight-2 years down the line and I haven’t lost any of mine…!! I will look forward to hearing about your fitness goals!! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink


  2. I am so glad to hear another mummy say their 3 month old is getting two teeth!! I have been going mad thinking it is too early for my little fella as my daughter took forever to get her first teeth but he is showing all the signs! Your little man is a real cutie pie xx


    • My older son got them through quite early too. Hope your little man is doing well with those nasty teethys trying to come through!! Thank you he is a cutie and he knows it hehe xx

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