Feeling guilty……. Part One

Recently I have been feeling very guilty about the fact that I do not spend enough time doing fun things with my children, there are lots of other things I feel guilty about as well but let’s focus on one thing at a time!

I write this post from the bath whilst my 3 are downstairs with daddy playing Lego and watching Peppa Pig, OK I need to take me time when I can get it but I feel I should be downstairs playing with them instead! The problem is they play so well together or on their own so I find myself just relying on that and getting on with other things, such as cleaning or blogging while they are occupied.

I have decided that as I turned 30 a couple of weeks ago, that now im in my 30th year all the things I feel guilty about I am going to put right, why sit feeling guilty about something when it can easily be sorted by changing my attitude?!

So I am going to spend more time with the children! Firstly I am going to start by having my phone in a different room and not go on it for social media when the kids are around. I am also going to spend time individually with each of them whenever I can, whether that is sitting for an hour playing lego with Freddie or drawing with Isla or going to have fun at the park after school all together. I never get any time alone with Freddie anymore and I would love to take him out just me and him every now and again, this goes for Isla Aswell. Me and Oliver get 3 days a week together at the moment but again I find myself already going off to clean etc when I could be playing with him!

Secondly I just need to enjoy my babies more. They are my world but I feel like I spend most of the time shouting at them to hurry up for school or hurry up for bedtime. I need to just chill out a little bit (well alot actually if I’m being honest!) and hopefully this will make me and my children happier and there will be less stress in the house :).


So this is my first feeling guilty post. It feels good getting it out but now I need to actually implement these things and stop feeling so guilty…


Thank you for reading, I will be back with another installment of feeling guilty very soon!

Hannah xx

Cuddle Fairy

2 thoughts on “Feeling guilty……. Part One

  1. I have this guilt too! I had a few crazy busy blog weeks & I felt so guilty about it. On the flip side the blog brings us great opportunities so there has to be some sort of balance. Staying off social media is a big help! Thanks so much for linking up with #bloggerclubuk x

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