Gallstones update one

Hi everyone.

I was in hospital 6 weeks ago with a pain under my ribs which was in the middle and also a pain in my right shoulder.

I attended A&E on a Thursday night after having pains all day. I have been suffering with pain under my ribs for alot of year now and have had 2 cameras down my throat (sorry not sure of the technical name!) I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia with my first camera and then was told it was gone with the second.

After the second camera I was taking omeprazole and didn’t get any more attacks until 3 weeks after giving birth. I managed for a week getting pain on and off and being unable to eat until I went down to A&E.

I have been before with the pain but have always been sent home with pain relief and I thought this would happen again but I had never had the shoulder pain Aswell before.

I was seen by triage and she took me straight through to cubicles as my stats where not good and she didn’t want me sitting in the waiting room to be seen. From there I had an Ecg loads of blood tests (including a blood gas test which is the most painful blood test I have ever had!!) and after a couple of hours in cubicles and an xray later I was diagnosed with pancreatisis and was admitted to a surgical ward. I also had another test which showed I had a infection somewhere.

The pain had gone down alot by this point so I tried to get some sleep while nurses kept coming in every 15 mins or so!

Nothing really happened on Friday, the doctor told me I needed an ultrasound and I was also put on a higher dose of omeprazole and 2 different types of antibiotics and fluids
This was all via Iv as I was nil by mouth!

I was sent for an ultrasound on the Saturday afternoon and this confirmed that I had Gallstones and the pancreatisis had probably been caused by a stone getting stuck.

I was able to eat from Sunday but didn’t have alot and I had to pick from the small selection on low fat options on the menu.

The Doctor then told me I would need to go for an Mri but this didn’t happen in the hospital in the end.

On Sunday I was desperate to go home Oliver was only 4 weeks old and I wanted to just be with my family. They told me I could go home on leave and come back on Tmmonday morning to see the Doctor to hopefully be discharged.

When ward round came around the doctor said Mri would be pushed for that day and I also had my bloods taken again to see if my infection markers had gone down, but by the time it got to 2pm no Mri had happened. Another Doctor came to see me to say my bloods had got better and that the Mri would be done in outpatients and that I could go home!

I was then given a course of Oral antibiotics (2 different types) and was told to go to my Gp for a blood test when I had finished my antibiotics and I should expect to receive an outpatients appointment and an Mri scan appointment through the post.

Since being home I have been eating normal meals that we have always eaten as a family such as sausage and Mash, tuna pasta, spaghetti bolognaise etc.

About a week finishing my antibiotics I developed a pain under the right side of my ribs, I was painful when I breathed in. I dealt with this for around a week but then I rang my Gp to asked me to go in. He asked me to go in to check if i had cholecystitis.

I had not developed cholecystitis yet but he said as I had the pain I could easily develop it so to be careful with my diet and drink plenty of fluids. He also prescribed me Buscopan and Cocodamol for the pain. This pain did subside after a couple of weeks and I have not had it back so far! I am still taking Buscopan and Cocodamol if I feel a slight niggle in that area.

I have since had my Mri scan and I have had my outpatients appointment through for outpatients to get my results on this. In the hospital they said I will probably need my gallbladder out so I will get more information on this at my appointment at the end of the month.

I will do another update when I have been for my appointment and will let you know how I have been getting on with pain etc too.


Thank you for reading.

Hannah xx


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