Oliver’s 10 week update

Hi everyone,

Oliver turned 10 weeks on Friday so I thought I would update you all on how he is doing.

He had his first lot of injections nearly 2 weeks ago now and he was weighed then too and his weight was 6.8kg. He did cry during his injections but I didn’t notice any change in him in the days after them which is good. He did have 3 doses of Calpol as advised now with the new Men B injection bit I didn’t have to give him any further doses.

He is now sleeping through most nights which is brilliant and he usually goes from 8-6 maybe longer some nights.

I am currently feeding him Aptimal hungry baby milk and he likes to eat alot so I thought I would try this to try and make him go longer between feeds but to be honest it hasn’t made any difference. He usually has about 6oz every 2 hours if he is awake but can go alot longer of he is in the car or in his pushchair. I have tried to fees him more ounces than 6 but he doesn’t have it so sticking to that at the moment. The only exception to this is in the morning when he has 8oz for his first bottle of the day after a full nights sleep.

He still will only really sleep on the day if he is in his bouncer being bounced (which again I am doing while I write this blog post!) or if he is in his car seat with his Cocoon Babies car seat wrap. Occasionally he will sleep in his cot, which he did yesterday for over 2 hours so I hope to get this into a daily routine soon if possible.

I think that is all I have to update you on at the moment. I will update again after his next lot of injections as I will get him weighed again then as well.

Here is a little picture of him last week


Thank you for reading.

Hannah xx


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