My Best Newborn Baby Buys!

Hi everyone,

I have just added a video on my YouTube channel about my best newborn baby buys and I thought I would share them here too!


First up is the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine. This is an amazing machine and makes bottles in around 2 minutes. It is especially useful for night feeds and makes the bottles to the perfect temperature.

Another this I love is Oliver’s Cocoon Baby car seat wrap. This is so cosy and he doesn’t have to wear a coat when he is in it so makes him safer in his car seat as well. Oliver will always fall asleep and stay asleep when he is in so I think he loves it as much as mummy does :).

My mum got us a baby bath and this has a support in it. Oliver loves having a bath and as it has the support he can enjoy a nice relaxing bath while I have my hands free so i can deal with his brother and sister who are usually in the bath at the same time.

The pushchair we have is the Quinny Buzz Xtra and its great, we had a Quinny Buzz 3 with Freddie and it is basically the same with a few changes but a fab sturdy pushchair. We also have the Maxi Cosi Pebble car seat which again is nice and sturdy and easy to put into the car using the car seat.

Oliver loves his bouncer (as long as you are bouncing him which I am currently doing with my foot while writing this!) He has the Fisher price Rainforest Friends bouncer.

I would definitely recommend baby sleeping bags for bed time. You know they are not going to be able to kick them off so they will never get cold from having no blankets on and when they have a feed in the night they can stay nice and snug too 🙂

Those are my main must have baby buys so far, here is a link to them all and also a link to the video if you would like some more detail on each item.

I am going to be doing a review on our pushchair and car seat separate to this video and blog so please keep a look out for them.

Best Newborn Baby Buys Video watch the video on YouYube

Thank you for reading

Hannah xx




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