Oliver’s 7 week update

Hi everyone,


Oliver is now 2 days away from 7 weeks so I thought I would do an update for you.

The health visitor came to see us last week when Oliver was 6 weeks old and he now weighed 13lb 3oz. This is exactly what his brother weighed at 6 weeks as well 🙂

He is eating well usually 4-5fl oz every 2-3 hours. He usually goes to sleep between 9-10 on an evening then sleeps for around 5-6 hours before a feed then another 3-4 hours after this so I’m getting quite a bit of sleep which is good as I don’t function too well on no Sleep!

He is smiling now and smiles the most when you hold him close to your face and call him a gorgeous boy 🙂

For the last couple of days he has had a cough and a snuffly nose but he seems to be OK in himself at the moment. I have purchased some saline nasal spray to use if we need too. I also picked up some snuffle babe but didn’t realise this couldn’t be used until 3 months old!

He has not had his 6-8 check yet or his appointment through for his vaccinations but I’m hoping this comes through soon.

Oliver is now in 0-3 months clothing but they are getting short on the leg already so may have to move up to the next size very soon.

He is a very happy baby and he has now started to have naps on his cot in the day which is alot better than having to bounce him in his bouncer for hours unable to do anything else. He has outgrown his moses basket now so he is now sleeping in his cot in a night time Aswell.

I think that is all I have to update you all on Oliver for now. I will update again in 2 weeks time when hopefully he should have had his check and his vaccinations.


Thank you for reading.

Hannah xx


3 thoughts on “Oliver’s 7 week update

  1. He’s getting so big!! Glad you’re getting some sleep, that sounds like what I’m working with these days too. Too cute that he’s the same size his brother was at that age too!


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