My Primark Haul February 2016

Hi everyone,

My Primark Haul video has just gone live on my channel. If you would like to check it out please head over Here.


When I tried everything on nothing really fitted as I wanted it to so alot of it went back which was a shame :-(.

I when I took everything back I picked up some black jeggings which fit great and at only £6.50 are a great bargain. I also picked up some white and blue striped ballet pumps and also 2 jumper in the sale for £5 each which are grey and blue and have a sheer panel on the back and these fit really nicely and another blue long sleeve top which just hangs nicely and is thin so will be good for when the weather gets slightly better as well, this was £6.


There was alot of things that I likes and tried on but nothing fitted right. I know I only had a baby 6 weeks ago so my body is going to be different at the moment but when you need to build up your wardrobe it’s annoying when nothing looks as you thought it would!

A Select haul will be up on my channel on Thursday so please check that out for a few other bits I picked up. I cleaned in one of my new tops from there (big mistake) and have bleached the cuff on one of the sleeves :-(.

Thank you for reading.



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