HD Brow experience

Hi everyone,

My mum treated me to HD brows today as she was having hers done for the first time Aswell and I am so pleased with the result.

I already had a pretty good shape to start with but they are loads better now they have been dyed and mapped out properly!

I have had waxing, threading and plucking done before but not all in the same sitting and have never had them dyed before. All in all it took the beautician 20 minutes to complete everything. The only thing I wasn’t totally happy with was the filling in at the end so in the picture I have added a little more brow product than what she put on.

Here is the before and after picture! I would recommend going to have the treatment done by a HD Brow trained beautician as my brows are a lovely shape now and I hope to keep on top of them and not them grow all over my face like they are in the before picture!





I hope this post helps anyone who might be thinking of going for the treatment.

Thank you for reading.

Hannah xx


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