My 6 weeks postpartum update

Hi everyone,

I thought I would do an update on how I am getting on nearly 6 weeks after giving birth.

I had been feeling pretty good up until about 2 weeks ago, I had still been feeling very tired but what new mum doesn’t. My belly has gone down totally now and due to the fact I have not been very well (I will get into this more in a moment) it is almost nearly flat apart from some saggy skin which will probably be there forever! But after 3 children it is expected.

My postpartum bleeding only stopped the other day so that has taken 5 weeks to go which I think is a lot longer than the last 2 pregnancies but I have had to be more active alot quicker this time so that is probably why, I have not been getting as much rest as I probably need but all stopped now which is good.

About 2 weeks ago I developed pain in the middle of my abdomen just below my ribs. This is a pain I have been experiencing on and off for a few years and have had previous diagnosis of a hiatus hernia to then later be told I don’t have one. Well this pain got so bad I went up to A&E and ended up staying in hospital for 4 nights and have finally been given a proper diagnosis of gall stones following an ultrasound. I have been told that I will have to have my gall bladder removed and am awaiting an outpatient appointment through to discuss this.

Apart from that I have been doing good, I have been out of hospital a week now and am slowing getting back to eating normally (before I was admitted to hospital I hadn’t eaten properly for nearly 2 weeks hence the extra weight loss I mentioned earlier!)

I am hoping to get back to running next week but I will be using the couch to 5k app which I used last time and for the first few weeks it’s doesn’t really involve alot of running just fast walking so I think I will be OK with that.

Oliver has been letting me get about 5 hours sleep in a row which is good then another couple of hours after his feed as well so I am slowly getting more sleep which is really helping me keep going when I have the older 2 to deal with as well.

All is going good and it feels like Oliver has always been here 🙂

Thank you for reading

Hannah xx


5 thoughts on “My 6 weeks postpartum update

  1. Oh man, sorry to hear about your gallbladder. My fiancé had his out just before Christmas, I could tell how much pain he was in…seemed just awful! Good luck with surgery, if that’s what they end up doing! 5 hours of sleep sounds like a dream right now, best I’ve had so far was 4 hours…but more often than not its 2-3 still.


      • Yea, it would be best to just get it out of there if you’ve already been having issues with it. She’s 5 weeks old today!


      • Aw so 4 days younger than ollie 🙂 hopefully she will start sleeping longer soon. Are you breastfeeding? I think they feed more often than bottle-fed babies xx

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      • Aww so cool! I am breastfeeding, yea I think you’re right! I plan to add the bottle in another 2 weeks to prepare for me going back to work! She was in the NICU 6 days so she had plenty of bottles at first, took some time to get her to exclusively take the breast. I really can’t complain though, she’s a great baby!


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