My Birth Story

Hi again everyone,

I thought I would write my birth story for you all while it is still fresh in my mind!

So here we go…. I went to the midwife on Thursday 21st at 11:30 for a sweep as I was 7 days overdue. When the midwife examined me I was very surprised to be told I was already 5cm dilated! She performed the sweep and booked me in for the Sunday for another one if I hadn’t gone into labour by then.

Me and my husband went back home and I got on my ball and bounced away and I started getting contractions though only mild pretty much straight away. My mum was already coming through to see me so we went our for dinner and popped to Debenhams to pick up a blanket for the little man and then the contractions where coming quite regularly every 5 or so minutes but they only felt mildly painful but due to the fact I only just made it to hospital last time I had been told to call the hospital when the contractions where regular but not necessarily painful.

So at 2:30pm I rang the delivery suite and they told me to go in and be examined. We arrived there and I was still only 5cm dilated but the midwife said we could wait there informally for 4 hours and see if I made any progress, we decided to do this so my mum went off to pick the kids up from school and nursery and take them.back to her house and me and my husband went for walks around the hospital and I bounced on a ball. My bump was going solid so was definitely contracting but I still was not feeling alot of pain. I thought after 2 hours I would be going home after examination as to me if felt like nothing was happening at all!

At 6:30pm I was examined again and I had progressed to 7cm, whilst the midwife was examining me she felt me having a contraction but I didn’t even feel it!! They admitted me properly to the delivery suite and a new midwife took over my care. (she was an amazing midwife and funnily enough she started her shift and was in the lift with us as we made our way up to be properly admitted after doing to get my bags from the car.

I was put on the monitor as little man’s heartbeat was a bit fast and the contractions where showing up on the monitor very well and they had started to pick up in pain a little for me too! They progressively increased in intensity over the next few hours. The doctor was called in to check heartbeat trace and he was happy with it but I had a temperature so I was put onto fluids to try and bring it down and also some paracetamol.

At 10:30pm I was examined again and they where going to break my waters but decided to wait a little while. I had progressed to 8cm ans pain was starting to kick in now. I think I started using gas and air about 8:00pm.

After this time I am unsure on times as was concentrating on breathing through the pains. I believe I was ready to push at about 12:00am and he arrived at 12:31am on Friday 22nd January 🙂

This whole birth experience was so much different to my other 2. Apart from the doctors popping in early on, it was so relaxed the midwife just watched from afar and just let me do what my body was telling me to do and because I have given birth before I could tell exactly what was happening with my body as well when it came to the later stage of labour. It was painful obviously and it was all done with just gas and air but it was perfect and he arrived safe and well and he is amazing. 🙂

I stayed on the was till Friday afternoon and my mum and my other 2 children came to meet the little guy and my mother in law came to visit too which was lovely. I then came home and so far he has slotted in to the family like he has always been here.

I hope you enjoyed reading my birth story I have probably missed bits out but I hope I have covered most things for you :).

I have now also added a video to my YouTube channel if you would like to take a look please click on this link My Birth Story Video


Here is me after just giving birth 🙂

Thank you for reading.

Hannah xx

Rhyming with Wine

9 thoughts on “My Birth Story

  1. What a lovely birth! I love reading birth stories, especially when everything has gone to plan. I had five fairly easy births, although not without drama, and I feel so sad for those who hit complications or are forced to have the birth they didn’t plan for. Congratulations too! #fartglitter


  2. Aw I love reading birth stories. Your second labour sounds a lot like mine – very calm and much easier once your body knows what’s going on and what to do. It’s lovely that you have this to look back on as the memories seem to fade so quickly don’t they? Thanks for sharing with #fartglitter x


    • This was my third one and was great I want to do it all over again how nuts is that lol?? Yeah they do fade so quick he is 7 months next week and it has flown by xx

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      • Oops sorry – I misunderstood and thought it was your second. I haven’t tried birth for a third time but with my pelvic floor following my first two I imagine I’d just sneeze and it would fall out 😂 Good luck with the going for it again hon. I’ll look forward to reading about your next patter of tiny feet xx


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