40 Weeks Bump Update

Hi everyone.

Well today I am officially 3 days overdue and am starting to wonder if this little man will ever make an appearance?!

We have now put hospital bags in the car as it should be any day now and we are all ready for him so it’s just a waiting game really.

I have been going for walks and trying to stay as active as possible but some days I end up having 2-3 hour naps as I have not been able to sleep in a night time as well as usual.

I have not really had any signs that anything might be happening soon. I have had some slight back ache and he feels very low at times but that’s about it really!

Here is my bump from Thursday at 40 weeks.


I hope that my next update will be a birth announcement but if not it will be a 41 week update. I have a sweep booked in for Thursday with the midwife if he doesnt arrive by then which I have not had before as narrowly missed it with my daughter as she was born at 40+6.

Thank you for reading and I will keep you updated.

Hannah xx


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