39 week bump update

Hi everyone

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and new year. 🙂

I am 39 weeks pregnant today and so ready to meet this little man now! All hospital bags are ready to go and hubby knows were they are so he can grab them when we need them along with car seat as well.

Kids are both back at school today so this is my first day just to relax and get some cleaning bits done that I don’t usually do when everyone is in. I managed to get most things done just need to clean walls in hallway and bathroom upstairs and dust upstairs then I’m done for now!

I have a birthing ball now which I have been bouncing on for 1-2 hours a night for the past week also bounced on it while doing the ironing today after standing up got too much!

I have not really had any signs that anything is about the happen but I have had sharp pains as if he is burrowing down! And some period type pains but not alot apart from this.

Here is a picture of my bump this morning.


I will update you all next week as I am sure I won’t go into labour before 40 weeks bur you never know.

Thank you for reading!

Hannah xx


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