My hospital bag

Hi everyone,

I am mainly done with my hospital bag so thought I would let you all know what I have in it :).  This is my third baby so only taking in what I used the last 2 times (these were both fast labours so I didn’t need alot to be honest) if I need more this time I will get my husband or mum to pick me some more bits up.


I picked up 2 maternity nighties from primark, they are both the same pattern but they were only £3 each instead of £8 so was very happy with them, they are a large. I also got a wash bag from primark and this was £5. In my wash bag I have shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and bubble bath, toothpaste and 2 toothbrushes so my husband has 1 as well. Micellar face wipes and a small pot of my usual face wash. I also have dry shampoo, deodrant, vaseline, a small brush and a bobble and hair clips. Other bits I have packed are a flannel, a bath pouf, breast pads and 5 pairs of disposable maternity pants to use straight after birth then will move to big black.pants. I have also packed some of my usual moisturer.


I have packed an old dark towel which is definitely essential for after birth if you have a shower which I did both times before and plan on doing so this time. 2 packs of maternity pads which is 24 which I think will be enough for an overnight stay but if not I have more at home that my husband can bring in. Black big pants are also a necessity in my eyes and these cheap primark ones do the trick just fine :)! I also have some slippers and some moist toilet wipes which I have seen a few ladies on YouTube take these in so thought I would give them a go this time as that first toilet trip can be not so nice!!

Still to pack I have snacks and drinks I will be packing cereal bars, sweets and that type of thing and lucozade sports drinks. I think I will pack my husband a couple of t-shirts as it is always so hot in the hospital! I am getting a dressing gown and pjs also to add 🙂 oh and a going home outfit too!

I think this is all I will be taking, if anyone thinks I have missed anything please let me know.

I have also posted a video on this if you would like to take a look. My daughter also wanted to help on this video 🙂 My hospital bag video.

I have also already done a blog post and video on babies hospital bag which can be found here baby hospital bag blog post baby hospital bag video.

Thank you for reading.

Hannah xx


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