29 Week Pregnancy Update

Hi everyone,

I just thought I would do you a little update at 29 weeks. I am starting to feel very big! I had my midwife appointment last week and all was good, I am measuring a week over at the moment and I am struggling to walk around some days which is new to me in pregnancy as with my other 2 I was still very active but I am starting to waddle a little now and have to walk very slow! Who knows what I’m going to be like when I get even bigger! I don’t know if it’s because he has been so low the last week or so that is making me not able to walk much but we shall see how we go 🙂

I only have 5 weeks left at work which is 14 working days including today and I have 2 weeks off on my own before the children break up for Christmas so I am hoping I can get organised for Christmas and baby boy arriving during this time so I can relax while they are off!

I don’t have another midwife appointment for 5 weeks unless I need to see them for any reason so I will update you with size of bump and how we are doing then but I will update in 2 weeks time as well.

We have finally picked a pushchair which is great we are going for the cosatto giggle in moonwood. I think it is a great pattern for a winter baby and I can’t wait to order it. I still have a few bits to buy but my mother in law is getting us a bouncy chair and i have asked for a moses basket for Christmas as can’t think of anything else I would like for me! I think that leaves us with just small things to get such as sheets for cot and moses basket and a few more blankets and I still have bits to get for me for hospital bag as well but I hope to pick some of these bits up when I go shopping with my mum for her birthday next week 🙂

Well I think that’s it I have rambled on for long enough now 🙂

Here is my bump this morning at 29+1


Thank you for reading

Hannah xx


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