Saving time in the morning with children

Hi everyone,

I thought I would do a post with some tips on how I save time in the morning when trying to get me and 2 little ones ready for school, nursery and me ready for work!

For a long time I have always washed my hair in the morning but for the past week I have been trying out washing it in the evening putting my serum on and tying it up wet to just sort on the morning and this has saved me around 15-20 minutes as my hair is really long.

Another tip I have been doing is sorting the children’s clothes out with socks pants and everything in a pile while they are in the bath so then I can still be doing my makeup etc while they have everything they need to get themselves ready (this doesn’t always happen and I have to help them get dressed but this only takes a few minutes) I then send them downstairs with some toast while I finish getting ready.  This has really saved time as I used to get them dressed last and this use to cause stress with all of us as we would already be a little late and they wouldn’t want to be quick so knowing they are already set to go except for shoes when I come downstairs is a huge help!

I have also put my daytime makeup in one little makeup bag so.I can just grab this every morning and know all I need is in there and I always tell myself we need to be ready for 8:30 even though we don’t need to leave until.8:40 so this gives me 10 minutes for any last minute emergencies there might be!

A few things I want to start doing as I am a little useless at this at the moment is making sure they have their shoes, bags and coats all ready the night before and check I have all uniform needed the night before! Right now I have my sons jumper in the dryer as he didn’t have a clean one!

These are just a few tips I have found really help me save time in the morning and I hope they help you too 🙂

Thank you for reading

Hannah xx


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