19 weeks pregnancy update

Hi again everyone 🙂

I thought I would update you with a bump picture this week as it appears to have popped out a lot this week and there is now no mistaking that I am pregnant.


This week I have been really tired as always and have also been experiencing dead legs alot expecially when I am in bed. I toss and turn alot to try and get rid of the pain in my legs when I have been laid on one side for too long!

I have also been experiencing alot of back pain which feels a little like grinding at the bottom of my back when I walk so wandering if this could be Spd. I will see how I go with the pain as it is no unbearable at the moment but I will mention it to my midwife.

I have purchased a couple of maternity clothing bits this week as I don’t fit it alot of my normal clothes anymore due to a growth spurt this week
I will do a separate blog post on these soon when I have got a few more bits. I am trying not to buy alot of summer things seen as I am due January so I’ll be my biggest in the colder months!

I think that is about it for this week.

Thank you for reading.

Hannah xx


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