Pregnancy update week 12

Hiya everyone 🙂

Well I have now had my dating scan and I am 12+3 today!

All was good at scan which is great and they behaved themselves to have their nuchal fold thickness measured, I also had my bloods taken so those two results together will give us our down syndrome risk which we will get in a few weeks I believe.

Here is our little bean 😀


I have been feeling pretty good for the past few weeks ever since I ended up in hospital with pain. For the past 2 mornings I have been feeling quite sick but this seems to ease throughout the day. I have been very tired and going to bed even earlier than I usually do but then sometimes I have bursts of energy so I tend to get cleaning bits done when I am feeling like that otherwise it wouldn’t get done if I’m honest!

My bump is slightly starting to form now but I could still easily hide it but we have told everyone now so I don’t need to hide it anymore 🙂 but in some clothes I still look like inhale just eaten too much so I like to wear baggier tops with those types of bottoms!

Here is my little bump so far.

I am going to be trying out some diy baby projects throughout my pregnancy and will blog about them if anyone else is interested in giving them a go. I would love to make some blankets and if I can work the sewing machine would like to make my own cot set as well 🙂

Thank you for reading I will be back soon with a week 13-14 update.

Hannah xx


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