Im Pregnant!

Hi everyone,

Once again I have been absent for a while and once again I apologise for this! this time I have been busy growing a baby! well for the last 6 weeks I have anyway!

Today I am 10+1 with my third baby (this is actually my sixth pregnancy but had 3 early miscarriages before having my son)

All has been ok I have been nauseous and very tired but that was about it until last Wednesday when I ended up going to A&E and then was admitted to hospital for the night due to being in pain and when they checked I was super dehydrated so they wanted to hydrate me as well as try and see what the pain was. I went for a scan on Thursday morning to check that baby was growing in the correct place and all was well 🙂 They couldn’t really tell me what the pain was just that from the scan they could not see any serious reason for it so I was discharged on Thursday and the pain subsided on Saturday! They said it could have been from a irritated bowel (who knew that could be so painful! I couldn’t even walk stood up straight it was awful!!) So at the minute I am watching what I am eating and just hoping that the pain does not come back!!

I have my dating scan at 11+5 so not long to go until we get a proper look at our little jellybean 🙂

I have decided that I will do updates every 2 weeks as I don’t think much will change in a week but if there is something to report I will blog earlier than scheduled!

My other children are 5 & 3 and will both be 4 months away from 6 & 4 when the baby is born, we have told them the news and they were both very happy and my daughter wants a sister and my son wants a brother! we will be finding out at our 20 week scan so one of them will be disappointed :s!

Thanks for reading

Hannah xx


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