My running 

Hi everyone,

I have recently signed up for a 10k run in Hull. This will take place in June So I am currently training for it!

I can now run 5k in about 30 mins so am just building up the distance at the minute using the zenlab 10k trainer app which is free. I really like this app and I have tried others but always go back to this one! I also track my distance etc using the run keeper app.

I am currently in week 11 of the app and will be doing day 2 tonight. I will be doing a 5 min walk then x 3 17 mins running with 1 minute walking in between and then a 5 min cool down walk! On Saturday I manage to cover just over 10k so I’m very pleased with that!

I will keep you all updated on my progress and I would definitely recommend this app as I started out not being able to run at all and it amazes me that I can now run for basically 45 mins!! I am a tad proud of myself I guess :)!!

I now need to incorporate other exercises into my exercise routine tho so that I can tone up all over. I think I may try yoga or Pilates and body pump but I will see what I can’t fit in around family life 🙂

Thank you for reading 

Hannah xx 


My top and leggings are both from Primark the top was £4 and the leggings £7 I believe. 


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