Primark Haul

Hi everyone!

Sorry it has been such a long time again between posts!

It was my birthday yesterday so we had a trip to Meadowhall and as usual I spent most of my money in primark 😀 

I picked the kids up a backpack each which they chose theirselves. £7 each and the hat looked so cute on my daughter that I just had to have it for £4 🙂

 I needed some new exercise bits now I am training for my first 10k and being out 3 times a week. The tops were £4 each and crop top £3.50. I love these shoe liners for running in as well this is my third pack and they are £2.50 for 7 pairs.

The running leggings were £7 and I love leggings so these are perfect (although I picked up the wrong size so need to go and swap them!) the shorts are for use in the garden only when its warm enough and were £3 they are so comfy!! I always get a pair of these sunglasses every year for £1 I love the shape and they come in loads of colours :). I needed a new handbag and wanted a nice coloured one for spring/summer, this one was £9 and I love it, I also picked up a makeup bag for £5 and it fits all my makeup in so it’s great 🙂


I picked up 2 pairs of the £2.50 flip flops up and the black flowers ones were £6 and the black flats were £8.

So that’s all I got yesterday, it’s not easy shopping with a 4 and 2 year old so I shall nip out and get more things at the weekend :)!

Thanks for reading

Hannah xx  


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