Fifty Shades of Grey… My fave film ever!

Hi everyone,

Once again I have been totally useless as keeping to what I say I will do and keeping this blog up to date!

But I have been reading lots of bad reviews about fifty shades of grey that I felt I needed to do a review myself as I absolutely love it! So much so I have read the books twice and reading them a third time now since seeing the film and I have been to see the film twice in its opening weekend and going to see it again on Saturday which I can’t wait for!!

I think that the film really sticks to the book well, the soundtrack is amazing and I may or may not have become slightly obsessed with Jamie Dornan since watching the film 😳!! (If like me this has happened to you and you have not seen The Fall yet I would definitely recommend it!)

I also think Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson were brilliant as Christian and Anastasia and matched what I had in my head from reading the books! I actually think I prefer the film to the books as a lot of the unnecessary parts have been left out.. For example the inner goddess malarkey!

I would defiantly recommend going to see the film if you haven’t already and I can’t wait for the second and third films to come out although I am not sure when and if this is happening yet?!?

Anyhow i know this isn’t a great review but just wanted to let you all know I love it and totally recommend it and I would love to hear what you all thought as well if you have been to see it?!

Speak soon, thank you for reading

Hannah xx



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