Diy glitter storage box

Hi everyone,

I have been crafting quite a lot recently and I decided to turn my son’s school shoes box into a glittery storage box for my ribbon 🙂

It turned out very well so I thought I would do a tutorial for it.

I used fine glitter and gloss mod podge and of course a shoe box.


I coated the outside of the box and lid with a layer of mod podge and then sprinkled glitter all over it. I then tapped off all the excess glitter and left it to dry.

I always do any glitter work over a piece of paper so I can reuse the excess glitter again, just bend the paper in the middle so the glitter all collects together and then tip it back in to the container 🙂

Once the first layer is dry I paint another coat of mod podge on and again sprinkle glitter all over, tap off the excess and leave it to dry.

I then put on a final layer of mod podge. Once this is dry it is all done and this I what you are left with 🙂


I love it and will Definitely be making more in different colours as I have lots of craft supplies to store!

I hope this tutorial was useful and you try it out. If you do please tag me as I would love to see your creations 🙂

Thank you for reading.

Hannah x


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