Avon Mascara Review

Hi everyone,

Sorry this has taken me so long to get up! I have been having problems with my camera and getting the pictures off it onto my laptop!

I decided to review some of the Avon mascaras as there are not many mascaras out there that i like.

The first picture is of me with no mascara on, as you can see i have hardly any lash length or volume so need a good mascara to do the work for me.


This picture has Supershock mascara on the left and Colourtrend plump it up on the right side. I think the Colourtrend is a good budget mascara but you can see that the supershock gives me more volume that the Colourtrend.


This picture is the Supershock max, i really like this mascara it gives lots of volume and length and it is very build able, sometimes for a night out i can put about 4 coats on and it does not go clumpy at all.


This one is the Spectralash mascara, on the left the dial was turned to 1 and the right the dial was on 3. There is not a lot of difference except the right seems a little blacker than the left but i was not happy with the volume and length this mascara gave.


This is the Aerovolume mascara as is by far my fave and i will be purchasing this again and again! It gives great length and volume and again like the supershock max is very build able. I just feel this one has an edge over the supershock max for me.


Thank you for reading. Not a massively in depth review but i hope it will help some people who may have eyelashes like me and are wandering what Avon mascara to try!

Hannah xx


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