Couch to 10k training

Hi everyone,

I have not written a blog post for a while, sorry about this life just seemed to take over and have been busy with kids etc!

Well a few weeks ago (6 to be exact) i started the couch to 10k program using the free app on my phone. I didn’t really tell anyone about it at first as i have started this program loads of times but never got any further than week 2!

This time i just decided that enough is enough i have run out of excuses and it was time to get fit so instead of trying to start the program with someone else as i had done 2 times previously, i would just start doing it myself and stick to it. Well so far so good. I am currently on Week 7 day 2 which involves a 5 min warm up walk and then a 25min non stop run! 6 weeks ago i struggled doing 1 min run 2 min walking so to be able to run 25 mins non stop is great 🙂 by next week (week 8 day 3) i will be running a full 5k!

For most of the time it has been bearable, obviously it it hard work because i never did any exercise before but it is so rewarding finishing each session and posting it to my Facebook page to let everyone know how far i have come 🙂 I had a wobble at week 5 when my ankle and knee became painful so i had a week off to let the pain settle. I was really worried i would not be able to carry on running but once i started running again the pain has now gone. I read a couple of articles and watched some YouTube videos for tips on what to do and i think the pain was due to my body getting used to the new exercise regime!

I plan on signing up for my local park run which takes place every weekend. I would like to do this as many weekends as possible and as it is free and early in the morning i am sure i will be able to fit it in.

Well that’s it i think for this post 🙂 If anyone is thinking of starting one of these running programs i would determinately say give it a go, i really didst think i would be able to do it, i always used the excuse of “oh i just cant run” “my knees wont let me run” etc etc, which i now know is just rubbish 🙂

I have about 5-6 weeks left of training after i complete the 5k run to be able to run 10k but hope to carry on as i have been and run further and further every week 🙂

If you read this far well done as its a bit of a rambling blog post!

Thanks for reading

Hannah x



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