Dermatitis & Forever Living

Hi Everyone,

At the minute my dermatitis is really playing up. I have had it on my hands since i was 16 and worked in a kitchen washing pots. I had to leave this job due to my hands being such a mess!

I cant remember having problems again until a couple of years ago and since then i have had quite a few courses of antibiotics, steroid cream and emollient cream, this does clear the problem but as i have no idea what i am allergic to it always comes back 😦

I was about to go to the doctors again today to get yet another course of the above my husband rang me to say he had met a lady who distributes Forever Living products and he had purchased me some Aloe Propolis Cream and some Aloe Hand and Face Soap. I am hoping that this will do the trick and will mean that i have something that can protect my hands even when my dermatitis is not flared up.

I am going to keep a track on how these products work throughout the weeks (it can take a while for your skin to adjust i have been told) and i will keep adding pictures and updating to let you know how i am getting on.

I have used it 3 times today and it definitely soothes the itching and dryness as soon as you apply it so i have high hopes for these products!

If anyone else has tried them please let me know how you got on with them πŸ™‚

I have also added a few pictures below of my hands so you can see what is currently going on with them 😦

Thank you for reading

Hannah xx






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