Woody at 12 Weeks

Hi everyone,

I know I said I would do regular updates on our puppy but have been having problems finding him the right food that doesn’t upset his tummy! I think we have finally found it so thought it is time to update you all on how he is doing 🙂

He is doing really well now 🙂 he has learnt to sit and loves going for walks. We were hoping it would calm him down a little when he could walk but this is not the case! If you are thinking of getting a cocker spaniel puppy prepare yourself for the nuttiness that comes with them :)!

On to his food and food problems we have had over the past 6 weeks! He was on Burgess superdog puppy when we picked him up from the breeder so we got a big bag of this for him to start with an planned on moving him onto what we wanted him to be on gradually after a few weeks at his new home. Well after a couple of days he developed a very runny tummy and was going to the toilet ALL the time this lasted for a week or so and I contacted the vets who suggested chicken and rice to calm his stomach down which we did but after slowly reintroducing Burgess he went back to how he was 😦 I was getting really disheartened and didn’t know what to do so we put him back on chicken and rice and then tried him on trophy  as a client of my husband’s is a distributor for it. Again after introducing it slowly he went back to being really bad! So again he went back onto chicken and rice and off I went to Pets at Home to search for a food for sensitive tummies that came in a small bag so as to not waste another £20 + on a big bag! There I discovered Fishmongers Finest sensitive diet for dogs fish and potato.

After introducing this to woody he has been great and I am so happy I tried it 🙂 the biscuits are like little grains of rice and the wet food is more like a mousse. I must say it stinks but seems to be working very well for him and he eats it all which is obviously also important 🙂

I would definitely recommend this for anyone having problems as it worked for us and I was starting to think he would have to go on prescription food or something and had something really wrong with him!

So all is good now we are enjoying having him around 🙂 he is a little nibbly and is ALWAYS with you (again was expecting this as my mum’s cocker is the same) buts yes lovely and a great family dog but a lovely boy 🙂

I will do another update in a couple of weeks as he should be going to puppy classes and things soon so will update you all on those 🙂

Thank you for reading.

Hannah xx


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