Meet our newest family member Woody!

We picked up our newest family member yesterday. A cocker spaniel puppy and we have named him Woody :).

He seems to have taken to my husband the best so far and as I lie in bed typing this it appears he is still downstairs with him so he must have slept downstairs all night!

I have decided I am going to document Woodys progress on my blog but am going to make separate sections on here some how, so I will have a beauty section a life section and an animal section I think 🙂

Here are some pictures of him taken yesterday at 8 weeks old.



I am going to take a picture every week and do an update every week with how he is getting on and what he has been up to 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂

Hannah x


2 thoughts on “Meet our newest family member Woody!

    • I’m sure you wouldn’t want him at the min, we are having real problems with his food not agreeing with him! He is currently on chicken and rice! X


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