Simple Kind to Skin Range


I have decided to give this a go as it was 3 items for £5 at Tesco.

I picked up the cleansing wipes, light moisturiser and the refreshing face wash.

I am going to trial these for a month and let you all know how I get on. I will take a picture of my skin every week so you can see how it is going.

As with the Avon vitale review I may cut it short if I have an allergic reaction to it, which happens with many products but I’m hoping that seen as these products are for sensitive skin I should be ok!

I shall post an update next Monday to let you know how I am getting on 🙂

Hannah x


Updated on Wednesday 15th to add a photo of my skin currently. This is after 2 days use and already my skin is feeling so much better and spots are reducing even when it’s currently that time of the month so very impressed. I wish I had been able to get a photo on Monday before starting using it as it is quite a big improvement already! X


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