Some of my headband creations :)



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I have just been going through my laptop looking at old pictures and have found some of my little lady modelling my headband creations 🙂 I love making these for her but now she is 19 months she likes to pull them off and even clips that i make her are taken straight out with ease as she does not have alot of hair still.

Below are some other bits and pieces i have made 🙂 I love crafting and rather than buying things i just give it a try myself.

Hannah x

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One thought on “Some of my headband creations :)

  1. man is it refreshing that some people are quaint and nice. I mean that in the nicest of way my life has been madness I live in the murder capital of america. well used to be but i saw some shit. I always wanted a sailor hat when i was a little dude. Any way keep it white picket fences. Us in the trenches need to know there is light at the end of teh tunnel.


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