Happy New Year & New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year Everyone!

We had a very quite one this year, stayed in watching telly and eating too much 🙂 while the children slept.

I have decided to set a couple of resolutions this year. Usually one of my resolutions is to lose weight but since i was ill earlier on last year i lose quite a bit of weight so will not be setting that one this year. I do however want to eat A LOT healthier and do some exercise.

I also need to become more organised and less forgetful as i have been really bad with these things for a while now. I am forever forgetting to do things and forgetting what i have done with things. I also managed to break my Samsung S4 which i LOVED so i purchased a replacement whcih i lost within 3 days of having it. so i really need to sort myself out :S

Thats it i think for now 🙂

Have a lovely 2014 everyone

Hannah xx

I just wanted to do a quick post to say happy new year to everyone xx


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